Catamarans by design are unique in their performance.

We believe anyone who has experienced rough sea conditions in both a mono hull and a catamaran, would prefer the stability of a catamaran every time when at anchor and in turbulent weather. Their operation and windward cushioning ride classes them as a “stand out” at sea.

The QCat Mirage 7000 is a composite catamaran that has been designed to perform in all conditions. Of critical importance is that the boat be unsinkable. To achieve this, the internal hull cavity has approximately 5 cubic metres of 70kg/m2 high density polyurethane foam, which chemically welds to the internal hull surface and a full length structural aluminium space frame. This makes the hull incredibly strong and absolutely unsinkable. The effect of this also gives both a high thermal and acoustic value, making for an extremely quite ride i.e no drumming or hull slap.

Much emphasis has also been placed on the tunnel formation/lifting strakes and forward entry, in order to keep tunnel clearance at all times. This reduces the wetted surface drag.

The QCat Mirage 7000 has been designed as a trailer vessel,  and includes a custom designed tri-axle trailer, made from marine grade aluminium. This entire package can be shipped anywhere in the world in a 40' container and on the water within 4 hours.

  • Feel safe knowing the boat cannot leak or fill with water - the hull is manufactured in one complete piece so there are no vulnerable seams or joins

  • No need to worry about gear getting in the way - deck space is optimised with ample storage hidden within the hull and under the floor

  • Customise your ride to suit the day, weather or occasion with super comfortable forward and reverse facing seats

  • Rest and relax in comfort behind the cleverly designed centre console, which also provides room for a toilet

  • Quality fittings and solid construction give you the ultimate confidence in safety and comfort